Races of Meadel

The land of Meadel has many different peoples that dwell within it.

Surface Elves

The Elves are an ancient and noble race. They largely keep to themselves but if you are lucky, you’ll get to meet a handful. They’re likely to dazzle you with ancient tales or beautiful artworks. Elves are a long-lived and scholarly race, and it is rare to find and elf who cannot read. But don’t underestimate this noble race in battle as many great warriors and mages have emerged from their ranks to aid those in need. Even though they socialize with other races, they rarely marry any other than their fellow elves.

The Elven kingdom is located in the east of Meadel, where their people live in close harmony with the residents of the Elven forests.

Elven Sub-races for Mead Legends are as follows: Surface Elf, Stone Elf, Wild Elf and Sea Elf

Wild Elves

The Wild elves are a very reclusive race. They tend to stay away from the bustling cities and towns in Meadel, preferring to stay close to nature.

They are a nomadic tribal people and are often treated as “lesser elves” by their elven brethren. Wild elves have an affinity for nature magic as they are reliant on the gifts of the wild for their survival. They are excellent hunters and trackers and will take only what they need from nature.

Keep your eyes open for their painted faces next time you wander away from the more civilized world.

Stone Elves

The Stone Elves are a stern and rare race. They’re very hard to read and don’t show emotions. It is this trait that makes them excellent diplomats, mediators or negotiators. Other races often perceive them as humourless and intense as their lack of displaying emotion is deeply entrenched in their culture.

Stone elves tend to favour celestial magic and are excellent allies in combat.

Sea Elves

Sea Elf Make-Up and Costume Requirements Sea Elves have blue skin that often has green or yellow undertones. As with all “painted” characters, the Player must cover all exposed skin with make-up. Sea Elven costuming usually has an aquatic theme. Items like shells, fishnet, and other “oceanic” objects adorn their clothing or bodies. Sea Elves must wear pointed ears like all other Elven races and often have green or blue hair.


The Dwarves are as skilled in the art of wielding a weapon as they are at crafting them. Many Dwarves remain in their underground homes mining and forging the hours away, quietly laughing at the “younger” races rushed lives. They would not however pass on the opportunity for a good time, and indeed there are few who could hold his own against a Dwarf at a tavern bar. Just don’t mess up his beard or you might feel the bite of his steel.

Dwarves are a friendly but very secretive race, and will happily share ale and a good meal with others unless that person is a troll. Trolls are the main rivals of the dwarves as these two races often find themselves contesting over their underground homes. These stout bearded folk are a common sight closer to their mountainous homes west of the Elven Forests, but tend to not stray far from their homes unless a pressing need motivates them.


A secretive and rare race, the Drae shy away from the sun’s burning rays, preferring instead to keep to the shadows and their vast underground cities. They prefer the company of other Drae and tend to keep to themselves as they consider their race as superior to others. Honour is highly valued in Drae society and this drives most of their culture.

Characterized by black skin and silvery-white hair this elven race is most commonly seen prowling the night.


Proud and fierce, the Sarr are a race of warrior cats. Warrior’s honour and the thrill of the hunt embody this strong, agile race. They are a curious, loyal and proud race guided by tradition. Sarr are not to be trifled with as they rarely back down from a fight and are experts in the use of bladed weapons. Sarr society is mostly matriarchal.

Although the Sarr are not uncommon in Meadal, they will mostly keep to their jungle hunting grounds either in small communities or travelling the lands alone.


Green skinned and fierce, this race is often seen as uncivilised and barbaric, but many half-orcs overcome their vicious tendencies to live in peace with the citizens of Meadal, becoming great leaders or respected scholars.

They are a very strong race and tend to leave the scholarly pursuits to tribe elders who are well respected. Orcish societies tend to be brutal and there are they believe that most conflicts can be resolved with a fight. Tough as nails, half-orcs are invaluable by your side in a fight.


Half Ogres are a powerful race, resembling their ogre kin in more than just their yellow skins. It is commonly thought that half-ogres are a result of a human and ogre union, although this is untrue as it is merely the name given to them by those who first encountered them. They wield their weapons with astounding force and skill, and are great allies in a battle.

They are a tough race who will spend most of their short lives fearlessly charging into battle. Running away or showing fear is not the ogre way, although the undead give them the creeps. Ogres have a hard time understanding civilised concepts like nobility and spending money on trivialities like jewels and fancy clothes.

Try stay on their good side though, or they’ll quickly let you know you’ve crossed the line.


The Wilders are as strange and varied as the creatures in the deepest forests of Meadel. Ranging from Raven Wilders to Wolf Wilders they are a marvellous race that have mystified and fascinated the people of Meadel for ages.

Each wilder is unique and takes on the characteristics of the animal they are kin to. The degree to which a wilder is in touch with their animal self varies greatly as well, where some are very close to their feral animal kin and others form part of old civilised societies with rich histories.


Widely seen throughout Meadel, the Humans make up a large part of the population. The baronies of Horgus are mostly ruled by various Human Lords, Counts and Barons. In recent years a new Human King has come forth of the lost Okucheo line. King Rolande is a charismatic man and has set out to unite Meadel once again under one King.


This furry footed race is playful and fun follows them wherever they go. They amuse others with their grand tales or silly jokes. A hobling can be the life of a party, and their joyous open nature makes for a warm welcome wherever they are found. Some are suspicious of their generous nature however, and not everyone in Meadel appreciates their company.

They love working with their hands and many are excellent traders and merchants. Hoblings tend to shy away from danger despite their love of treasure which the generously spend on good food and other luxury items. Never expect a hobbling to work for free.


Gnomes are known for their strange hats and inventive schemes. From building magical machines to crazy gold generating schemes a gnome’s ideas are sure to amuse and could lead to great surprises.

They’re small and agile, which when coupled with their ingenious ideas could quickly turn a fight in their favour. The hobbling folk of Meadel tend to favour cosy homes built into stone cliffs.

Sylvan Fae

This beautiful and mysterious race often stays away from civilized areas and keeps close to wooded areas. They’ve been known to keep company with druids and others who care for the natural world as much as they do. Throughout their long lives they observe and learn patiently, and you’d learn a lot spending a few hours in their company.

Some say the Sylvan Fae are descended from an ancient union between elves and satyrs or nymphs, explaining their love of the natural world and the protection thereof. Sylvan Fae value freedom greatly and despise all forms of enslavement including charms through alchemical means.


Fun, frivolous and giddy, the Faeries are a delightful race. When tricks and pranks are afoot, chances are there’s a fairy close by. They are often insatiably curious. They love to play, and to some of them this means going on grand adventures and combatting worthy foes.

Faeries despise chaos magic and have a strong aversion to iron and iron based materials such as meteoric Iron.


The barbarians of Meadel consist of many varied tribes, each with their own unique structure values and very often, superstitions. Members of these tribes are often considered uneducated and uncouth by “Civilised” society. They are generally a friendly race, unless you attempt to use celestial magic on them, or as some tribes say, “Sky magic bad.”

They can be mighty adversaries in combat and you’d be wise to dodge the strike of an angered Barbarian.


The Vida can be found in almost all of Meadel, where their colourful clothing and larger than life personalities make them stand out. The Vida value family above all else, and will be extremely loyal to those they consider family.

Swashbucklers, alchemists, mages and merchants, the Vida display many talents. The Vida, whose name means “Life” will not walk with or make friends with those that create undead for to do so is to become unclean as well.

Honour is our burden and we gladly bear it - Corvinus Motto